Tips Before Tying the Knot...

As a bridal makeup artist, I have to make sure my brides and bridesmaids have the best makeup for their special day. Here are some tips to help my brides and bridesmaids achieve the look they want:

One Month to a Week BEFORE the Wedding:

  1. Don’t try any new skin care products.  Your skin can get irritated or breakout from new products.  Continue to wash your face morning and night, in addition to moisturizing your skin, especially under your eyes and your lips. 

  2. Schedule facials at least a month before the wedding. This will allow the skin to go through the cleansing and healing process and your skin will look and feel it’s best.

  3. Don't pop any pimples 48 hours before the wedding. I can cover pimples but makeup will not sit on top of any wet or open wounds and will not look great over scabs.

  4. Schedule your eyebrow/lip waxing 3 days to a week out from the wedding. This allow any minor irritation to go away and minimal hair regrowth.

  5. STAY OUT OF THE SUN. While being on vacation at the beach before you wedding is very common, please stay covered up, wear sunscreen, and don’t LAY OUT! This will cause excessive redness, dry or cracked skin, and tan lines.

  6. Schedule your spray tans 3 - 5 days before the wedding. This allows for the best color.

  7. Drink LOTS OF WATER!  A strict water intake over the next week will keep your skin stay hydrated and clear. 

Day Of The Wedding:

  1. Come to your appointment with no makeup on and a clean face.  You may have moisturizer on if absolutely necessary.

  2. Exfoliate the heck out of your face and lips! This will help ensure a flawless application of makeup.

  3. Make sure that if you have any sentimental gift opening to do or letters to read, that it is done BEFORE your appointment.

  4. I will have touchup kits for sale to help with the longevity of your makeup throughout the day.  They are $5 and include a lipstick sample, lipstick applicators, powder, sponge, and an oil blotting sheet.  

  5. If you or your bridesmaids do not want a touchup kit, please bring a lipstick of your choosing ( I can apply for you) and then you can touchup with your own product throughout the day.

  6. Relax, grab a mimosa, and enjoy being pampered!